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If you are looking for miniature cattle with the cute factor - we have some! Our beautiful Miniature White Galloway cattle are born and bred for first-time livestock owners (by first-time livestock owners).

We breed and sometimes sell beautiful registered full blood and purebred cattle for gentle paddock pets, Animal Assisted Therapy workers and show ring performers. They are all small, they are all cute and they are all very, very user-friendly. We walk among our herd and handle our miniature cattle several times a day, every day, just because we can. 

Our miniature cattle are an environmentally friendly, attractive, easy care addition to any property. You can even adopt a calf if you like! Calf adoption supports the online publication of anti-bullying material and farm animal shelters in Australia.

The integrity of our GOLD CREEK herd is of paramount importance to us, therefore, we only use registered or listed DNA tested bulls.


GOLD CREEK Dougal our registered/listed grade Galloway bull. 

Located near Eumundi, on the Sunshine Coast, in SE Queensland, Australia we breed seriously quiet, small white cattle for the sheer pleasure of it. Our cows and calves are rarely separated from one another, which allows us to enjoy the wonder of the 'whole herd' experience. We breed the most adorable, little white paddock pets in Australia. Our miniature cows have the cutest fluff ball calves you'll ever see. Of course, this is probably just our very, very biased opinion - but please take a look and tell us what you think!

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The Totally Wild team thought our miniature cattle were amazing and 'totally tame'.

Miniature Cattle in General

If you are a small acreage owner and you are looking for small cattle that will further enhance your lifestyle, then most of the miniature cattle breeds are well worth considering.

Miniature cattle are perfect if you want cattle that:

1. Needless expensive infrastructure. (Less wear and tear on your wallet)

2. Are environmentally friendly. (Less wear and tear on your land.)

3. Are smaller and, therefore, easier to handle. (Less wear and tear on you.)

our miniature cattle

Our Miniature White Galloway cattle are perfect if you want all of the above and then some. Not all miniature cattle are 'born equal'. So... 

Ask yourself do you also want beautiful small white cattle that:

1. Are docile and love to be handled? (No extra strength and expertise required.)

2. Are non-selective grazers that cohabit with wildlife? (Environmentally friendly.)

3. Are good mothers that calve unassisted? (No expensive vet bills)

4. Stand in the paddock with you while you brush them?

5. Allow you to halter them in the paddock?

6. Make your friends and family want to visit them (and you)?

7. Make your neighbours look over the fence green with envy?

8. Look drop dead gorgeous in the paddock?

9. Are dead easy to sell? (But only if you can bear to part with them)

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you need to take a much closer look at our miniature cattle

our clients

If you are just a little bit curious about who takes some of our cattle home click here.


These miniature cattle are not high maintenance and do not need to be brushed. We spend time with them simply because it is a thoroughly enjoyable thing to do.


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Cattle Clobber Halters for Small Breeds


banjo no bghuggie nbgMeet Banjo and Huggie our new Miniature White Galloway calf mascots. You can purchase your own limited edition custom plush calf. You can also adopt a calf.

Kids can follow all the fun and games Huggie, Banjo and all their paddock pals get up to at www.cuddlecow.com There are stories, competitions, videos and so much more.

Calf adoption supports farm animal shelters and sanctuaries in Australia.


Our Location: Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia  

GOLD CREEK Galloway Stud: Proud Owners Pamela Robinson & Suzanne Baker